How to get to Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven)



Approximate time: 5-6 hours  

For quick tips and things to bring…  

Figuring out the time to go:
The reason folks recommend going super early is to avoid the guard.  I don’t think that getting there at 2am is necessary.  It seems the guard gets there at least by 2 am in the morning in front of the haiku entrance.  So there is no point in trying to beat the guard.  I would recommend arriving to park your car at 3:30 am and if you encounter the guard, just politely acknowledge and keep moving on.  She didn’t call the cops, although she threatened to.


Step by step guide

1.  You can pretty much park anywhere on the streets but this is where we found ample of parking:46-24 Kuneki Pl, Kaneohe, HI 96744.   Needless to say, don’t block people’s drive ways or park in front of fire hydrants!   Be very quiet and don’t use flash lights in the neighborhood or you will risk the consequences of waking up the neighbors.

2.  Walk toward the entrance (5 minutes):  (red ping on the image).

3.  You gotta find a way around to climb around the gate from the right side (again, the red ping on the map image).

4.  After passing the gate, start walking, then you will find a split on the road, make a left here.

5.  Make a right at the next fork (left goes towards the school).  You may use your flashlight now.

  • Tip: if you encounter a 3rd split on the road, then you have gone too far.

6.  About 10 minutes more of walking, look on the left side for an opening into the woods.  It’ll be a short walk after the KAPU sign. It will be a man-made pathway/trail that cut through big trees. Walk through the dirt path and you’ll eventually get to a fence with the bottom half open, so just duck under it and continue. After 5 minutes you should see a second concrete road.

7.  Go left on the concrete road and walk down until you arrive at the security guard, she was in a car (<5 minutes).  I got this picture of the guard from yelp.  Once you see the guard’s car (it could be a different car) or port-a-potty, take a right and you will see a trail of step leading to the gate to the stairs.

guard picture

8.  The gate to the stairs.  There will be an opening around the right to get across the gate.  Voila, stairway to HEAVEN!

haiku fence

9.  3, 922 of steps from here, which should take you between 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the pace.  There will be 2 flat areas, where you can rest.

night view

  • Tips
    • The first person to go should keep a look out and clear the spider webs.  Maybe use a stick to clear the path ahead.  There could be really huge spiders on the stairs!
    • Respect the neighborhood and be quiet on the way back out too.
    • More tips

At the top, if you have extra time before the sun comes out, there is a little shack where you can rest.

top shack 3


Amazing view during descent



Please note that this is an illegal hike and you may be trespassing properties.  This blog post is by no means to encourage people to break laws and disobey authorities.  But if people are going to break laws anyways, this post will help understand how to get to the stairways in a quiet and safe manner without wandering aimlessly around the neighborhood and disturbing the community. Please be respectful of the residents here.  This is just a guide to help you guys out, and we are not responsible for any injuries or problems.


149 thoughts on “How to get to Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven)

    1. Hi James, we are considering going on the 30th and would like to go with someone that knows there way around, message me 0449958429


  1. hey guys!, i’m thinking of attempting this sometime between the 27th this month and the 5th of Dec. Does anyone wanna tag along? 😀 if we could get a group going that would be awesome!


    1. Hi Danny!
      I’d love to do it if you haven’t complete it yet. I’m here until 1st December 🙂
      I’m on FB if you want to contact. Cheers mate.


  2. Hello, I will go in Oahu this summer. I would like to hike the stairs, alone or maybe with my 12 years old son (not sure how dangerous it is for him yet). I would be interested to hire someone to bring me to the stairs. We dont need help once in the stairs but I dont want to be stopped or get lost juste to find the stairs. Anyone would like to do a quick gig in the morning this summer?

    email me to:



      1. If you plan to go or if you know the place that would be great.
        If so you can put a number (just WhatsApp) or a E-mail on the blogg that i can reach you


  3. I am looking to go sometime January 5-8, 2017. Would really appreciate if someone who knows the way could show me but am also willing to go with other first timers. Reach me at hjp932 (at) or reply to this – thanks!


  4. Hi there,
    I’m going to Oahu in Mid May to hike the stairway. I’m traveling alone and looking for a local guide / or someone who wants to join me (preferably someone who did it before). please contact me through my email :
    Thanks in advance


  5. My twin and I are doing this hike between Aug 5-7, 2018. Email me if anyone wants to join. I have done extensive research and do’s and do not’s! persianprincess76@gmail


  6. Hello Kim and Sam , I am nazishah your info about the stairway to heaven is great but going to the stair is my dream , I am in Hawaii for the next four days , can you please take me their I am searching even went to the area but was not able to find the way, I will be thankful for life and take you guys to dinner , I am from far away and have nothing but to do the stairs , this is my number 907 885 4799 please please I beg you , I am average person not as young as you guys are but need to go with someone who has been there, fulfilling someone’s dream will make you feel good god bless , please I have 4 days left until I go back to Alaska , you guys can come to Alaska and be my guest !


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