Highway 1/PCH Roadtrip (Day 1)

We took a wonderful 3 day, 2-night road trip down Highway 1 starting from San Jose, CA and ending up in Los Angeles, CA. We had a lot of fun planning and are excited to share the sights and wonders of our journey!

General tips

  • There is limited cell reception along the coast, so plan ahead and keep track of how many miles/minutes it is from one place to the next. (printing this blog post would be a great idea if you are gonna follow our plan!)
  • Check for fires before you go! Unfortunately, during our trip, there was a large fire occurring which left all hiking/parks east of Highway 1 closed.
  • We broke up our driving each day into small parts, and took breaks at beautiful vista viewpoints
  • Bring a selfie stick.

Trip Outline

Day 1

  1. Point Lobos State Reserve
  2. Rocky Point Restaurant
  3. Ripplewood Resort check-in
  4. McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Day 2

  1. Lime Kiln State Park
  2. Elephant Seals in San Simeon
  3. Moonstone Beach
  4. Early Dinner at Ruddell’s Smokehouse in Cayucos
  5. Check-in Airbnb at Los Osos
  6. Montana De Oro Sunset

Day 3

  1. Ostrichland in Solvang
  2. Nojoqui Park hike
  3. Lunch at Los Agaves in Santa Barbara

Brunch at Loulou’s  

If you love the feel and vibe of small mom and pop diners, this is a must stop. Located on the Monterey Boardwalk, this diner plays great music in the background as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.

Point Lobos Reserve: 85 miles south of San Jose & just south of Carmel. Be sure to get a map of the park.

IMG_2878.JPG.jpeg  IMG_2881.JPG.jpeg

Tip: Wear long pants because there is a lot of poison oak on the paths and bring a light jacket due to the chilly breeze.

Entry fee into the park is $10 per car.  There are multiple parking lots, and you can drive around the whole reserve. There are lots of trails around, so park depending on how you want to navigate the reserve.  If you are planning to hike the whole place or don’t mind walking a little further, there is street parking available near the entrance area (free).

Here is the map of the trails.  The North Shore trail is probably the most scenic trail along the coast. It took us like a little less than 2 hours to explore the trails at the North and Northeast sections.

Rocky Point Restaurant9 miles / 14 minutes south of Point Lobos

This restaurant has spectacular ocean views, and it’s a great place for a wedding too!


I would recommend sitting outside but ask for a table in the sun since it can get a bit cold due to the wind.

After your meal, explore the grounds! They have lounge seats with a perfect view of the coast, an exciting trail, and you can even hike onto a cliff!

Ripplewood Resort: 14 miles / 20 minutes south of Rocky Point Restaurant

The Ripplewood convenience store where you check-in is located right at the Chevron gas station on the left.  If you see Fernwood Resort, then you went 1/2 mile too far South!

The road is located to the left of the picture, about 300-400 feet away.

We stayed in Cabin 12A which was cozy, comfortable, and clean. There is one parking spot right in front. Unfortunately, it’s very close to Highway 1 so you can still hear cars from the cabin. The lights outside the cabin are also quite bright at night, so it wasn’t the experience we were looking for. They do have other cabins close to Big Sur River, so perhaps we will check those out next time.

WIFI: available near the check-in area.  Fairly fast.

McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park: 12 miles / 21 minutes south of Ripplewood Resort

Drop-gorgeous iconic view of Big Sur

You can park on the side of the street, walk through the tunnel and wa-la! It’s a short hike walking around this view. There is also another short hike you can take on the other side.

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